Realty VRT Single Tour


  • 1-3x photographs per room (max. 32 per rules)
  • 1-32x web & email optimized images
  • 1x 360º per room+ 2-3 exterior
  • 1x 360º interactive video edit
  • 2x optimized 360º video files (Facebook & YouTube)

Product Description

This photography and virtual reality tour booking starts with one-to-three traditional photographs per room to a maximum of thirty-two in total. This is because rules dictate a maximum of thirty-two images. Then the 360º virtual reality photos are taken. Each 360º photo is actually made up of 12 photographs stitched together. The resulting image is 7370 x 3685 pixels or over 27 megapixels. We reduce that to a more manageable 4096 x 2048 which translates to what is known as 4K. The 360º images are edited into an interactive video. Two video formats are provided; one for Facebook and the other for YouTube.

Volume Discounts

(Package names are clickable links)

Package Single PrePay x3 PrePay x5 PrePay x10 PrePay x25 PrePay x50
Per Booking $299 $289 $274 $249 $224 $199
Total Price $299 $867 $1370 $2490 $5600 $9950
Savings 0 $30 $125 $500 $1875 $5000

Facebook Video Example

Click here to view directly on Facebook.

Click and drag to navigate. To freeze the view, pause the video. To skip ahead, click and drag the time slider on the video. Any issues, please let me know. Cheers!

Posted by Cinéfreq on Monday, July 4, 2016

YouTube Video Example

Click here to view directly on YouTube.

Photography Examples


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